Meet the Teacher

17 September 2015

Dear Parents

By the end of next week we will be a whole month into the new school year.  Your children will have had four weeks to settle in and our new Reception class will be attending full time.

Accordingly, we feel this would be a good time to invite all parents in to formally meet their child’s teacher(s).  Therefore we will be holding a ‘Meet the Teacher’ parent evening – Thursday 24th September for KS2 parents and Tuesday 29th for Foundation Phase.  Meetings will be held for all parents to hear a presentation at the same time from their child’s teacher followed by a Q & A session for you all to gain an understanding of who the teacher is and crucially what is being taught this term and what the arrangements are for PE etc.  Those who wish a private word can briefly see the teacher afterwards, however this is not a 1:1 parent evening to review Pupil Progress as it is too early to do so.

Therefore any parent wishing to have a longer more detailed conversation should arrange to see their child’s teacher after normal school hours any day of the week by calling the school office or speaking to the teacher at pick up time.  Most teachers are available most days, after school.

A formal 1:1 parents evening will be planned for both Spring and Summer terms as both

KS2 Meet the Teacher Thursday 24th September:

Yr.5 and Yr.6 – 6 pm

Yr.3 and Yr.4 – 6.30 pm

Foundation Phase Meet the Teacher Tuesday 29th September:

Yr. Reception – 6 pm

Yr.1 and Yr. 2 – 6.30 pm

The meetings should last approximately 20 to 30 minutes and parents will receive a hand-out of the Teacher’s presentation.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Szwagrzak

Head Teacher