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203552_sSt Mary’s is a voluntary aided Roman Catholic Primary School, which provides a Christian education in the Catholic tradition. As a school we aim to provide a happy, secure and essentially Catholic environment for children, where they can participate readily in the process of learning and encounter as broad a curriculum as possible. Each child will be helped to realise his/her maximum potential as we place great emphasis on the whole development of each individual child. We want them all to begin to use their own initiative so that they learn to work by themselves. We will at the same time give them opportunities to develop the skills they need to communicate with others and understand more of the world in which they live.


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The annual AGM for the PTA will take place on Thursday, November 16th at 7pm in the School.
This meeting is open to all parents who would like to become involved with the PTA in any capacity. It is only through the willingness of volunteers that our fundraising events are successful, so allowing us to purchase sports equipment, books, playground equipment and provide support for many other projects within the school.
During this meeting the executive positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will need to be filled in order for the PTA to continue.
We would also like to appoint the non-executive position of Vice-Chair for the coming year.
If you would like to nominate a person or be considered for one of these positions please come along.
However, if you just fancy coming along to see what goes on within the PTA, find out who we are and what we talk about, you will be very welcome!

PTA news 6.10.17

After listening to parent feedback about meeting timings we have decided that
our next PTA meeting will take place on Thursday 26th October at 4.30pm at
school. There will be a classroom made available for those who have no
childcare, where children can bring toys or watch a film that will be provided.
Please note there will not be a teacher supervising in this classroom.

Getting Sporty 
The PTA were pleased to assist in the purchase of new posts for the football club
Miss Williams has started on Mondays. Before the summer break we also
purchased rugby tags and a box full of netballs for clubs too!

Upcoming Events
Family Film Nights will return on Friday October 27th and 1st December. Info to
follow soon.

1st A Christmas jumper day fundraiser will take place on the same day as the school Christmas dinner. We will let you know a date when we have it!

Due to its popularity last year, we will be running the Christmas art project again at School. The teachers are already working with children to design their
artwork. Your children’s artwork can be turned into cards, gift tags, wrapping
paper, thanks you cards, notebook covers, water bottle designs and much more!
More information will follow soon.