DiNovember in the Heads Office

I must say I was more than a little surprised this morning when I opened my office door at 8am. First of all it was unlocked! And then to my shock and amazement I found this little scene!!


Now we all know that St Marys in recent years has been suffering with a bit of Dinosaur infestation in November and that they have been known to appear in different classrooms occasionally as if they have been having a “Night in the Museum” type party……., but this,……, this time,……They have gone too far!

If they have not removed themselves by tomorrow morning they will have to be locked up for their own good. I mean,  I couldn’t get any work done what with there being so many of them.  And then almost every child in the school had to come with their teachers to have a look. Even the Chair of Governors arrived, worried and concerned for my safety and well-being.

What I will say though, is that we all found it so curiously exciting, that I am now looking forward to some very exciting stories from Junior children as to what might have happened and why they were there. After all if this hasn’t sparked some outstanding literacy  I will want to know why!

A Szwagrzak

Head Teacher