Y4 Visited the Library….

This week all of year 4 visited Chepstow library. Everyone received a free book and listened to a story being read. They enjoyed a full tour and all either joined then and there or received a new library card.



Letter from Miss Reece

For Year 3 / soon to be year 4 in September 2015

Attached below is a letter from your new teacher Miss Reece who will be your year 4 teacher starting September 2015.

In the letter she also asks to help to get to know you all, can you please keep a scrap book or treasure box of your summer holiday and any places you travel to? Or maybe write a postcard? It doesn’t have to be lots of work, maybe just a few photos or drawings and a short piece of writing about the favourite thing you did during the summer holiday.

Please bring whatever you’ve done into class in the first week for show and tell.

Letter from Miss Reece

Happy summer holidays