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Year 7 Admission Round – September 2016 for current Year 6’s

Dear Parents

We have been issued with the following information from MCC regarding the admission process for September 2016 Year 7’s.

The Admission process for children entering year 7 in September 2016 is now underway.  Application letters have been issued to parents of year 6 children (for whom we hold a record).

Parents must make their applications prior to the closing date of 4.30 on 27th November 2015, to avoid being considered as a late application.

Parents will have the opportunity to make their applications using the Monmouthshire online admission application system.  This can be accessed via the below link:

There are, of course, paper application forms available for parents who may need them.

I would be grateful if you could arrange for this information to be publicised on your websites.  In addition, if you are able to use any other means to communicate with eligible parents to firstly ensure that they have received their application packs, and secondly are aware of the importance of applying for their child’s school place by the above closing date, it would be much appreciated.

In terms of Reception intake 2016, the application process will commence on 6th November 2015 with a closing date of 15th January 2016.  Application packs will be distributed directly to parents of children for whom we hold a record.  Again, your support to publicise this process would be very much appreciated.

Posters advertising the process are on their way to you if you are able to display them in your schools.

Finally, as discussed during recent cluster meetings, officers of the Access Unit would like to offer their assistance in supporting parents to complete application forms.  The impact of parents submitting applications after the closing date significantly reducing the opportunity for children obtaining a place at their preferred school.  If you have any forthcoming events that you feel we could attend to support parents through process, please let me know.

Kind Regards


Amazing solar eclipse

All solar eclipse
Today, pupils in St Mary’s were able to experience the solar eclipse. Pupils were able to watch the live news and make pin-hole cameras to view this amazing event. All were very excited to be able to witness this.

We interviewed pupils, Illtyd’s vice house captain, William Coleman said, “Really amazing as this is probably a once in a lifetime chance! I feel extremely lucky! I’m so glad I could witness this extraordinary event!!”