Clubs & Activities

Please check answer phone (option 2) after 2pm to check if an afterschool club has been cancelled due to bad weather.

For Chess and school run clubs there is no fee.

The School weekly newsletter will give the up to date club information

Club/ Activity Day & Time Details
School Recorder Tuesday 12.45-1.10 Year 3 – Mrs Appleby
Spanish Tuesday 3.30-4.30 Spanish Amigos – Amalia Protheroe
School Tag Rugby Tuesday 3.30-4.30 Mr Mullins, Mr Szwagrzak, Miss Williams
French Wednesday 3.30-4.30 Club Bonjour – Wendy Taylor
School Art Thursday 3.30-4.30 Year 3+4 – Miss Smith
School Coding Thursday 3.30-4.30 Mr Evans, Miss Williams
Sports Thursday 3.30-4.30 Foundation PhaseMultisports
Chess Friday 3.30-4.30 Juniors – Chess
 School Netball  Restart Feb 2017 Juniors – Miss Rogers, Miss Reece
 School Choir Juniors – Miss Way
 Minecraft  Suspended  Juniors – Mi Little Pad
 School Athletics  Juniors