As our school is in Wales the National Curriculum in Wales is the statutory content we follow in our school life. The Welsh Assembly Government’s vision is to provide a coherent and integrated curriculum and assessment framework for schools, which raises standards of achievement and widens educational opportunity. 

It is made up of the following 7 areas:

  • the Foundation Phase
  • skills development
  • the national curriculum
  • personal and social education
  • sex education
  • careers and the world of work
  • religious education.

This curriculum provides a framework that will ensure the development of your child as he/she moves through the school. Currently, the School is divided into two groupings, Foundation Phase (Infants) 4-7 year olds and Key Stage 2 (Juniors) 7-11 year olds

The Foundation Phase is a “Skills Based Curriculum” which involves children in learning through investigation as well as through knowledge based teaching.

At St Mary’s because we are a voluntary aided Catholic School we also use the ’Come and See’ a religious scheme approved by the Bishops of England and Wales. Central to the programme is Christian belief in Jesus Christ, Word and Revelation of God.  Each term a basic belief about the mystery of life is explored within the Catholic Faith tradition, in a manner appropriate to the age of the children.

We look to offer a curriculum which we like to think meets and exceeds the statutory National Curriculum. In school we look to offer the children varied sporting activities & both internal and external competitions, the option of additional music tuition, as well as various clubs both before, during and after school including chess, minecraft, multi sports and choir. As well as some lovely day and residential trips.

As every school in Wales is required to We assess our pupils against the National Curriculum at the end of each school year and at the end of Foundation Phase (Year 2) and the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) and publish overall levels and report children’s attainment levels to their parents. The purpose of any such process is to monitor progress, diagnose weaknesses and to give staff indications for a child’s future work.

Pupils from Reception to Year 2 are taught a curriculum called the Foundation Phase Framework and at the end of Year 2 they are assessed again ‘Foundation Phased Outcomes’. Nationally, children are expected to achieved FPO5 in Language, Literacy and Communication Skills,  Mathematical Development and Personal and Social Development. Our more-able children are expected to achieve FPO6.

Children from Years 3 to 6 are taught the National Curriculum (Key Stage 2) and nationally, are expected to achieve Level 4 in English, Maths, Science & Welsh (2nd Language). Our more-able children are also expected to achieve Level 5 or above.

We have provided copies for you to look at of the National Curriculum documents for English, Maths, Science & Welsh (2nd Language) for the Foundation Phase Framework, Key Stage 2 and Religious Education.

We hope this will give you an understanding of what content and skills range the children should be learning about. The documents also contain the outcomes and level/outcome descriptors that teachers use to assess pupils on an ongoing basis and at the end of their phase / key stage.

Health and Safety in the Curriculum

The wearing of jewellery is forbidden for any sporting activities, games, swimming or physical education.

The “Sport Fix” Company checks PE equipment annually. The date of the last check is

The staff will ensure that every precaution is observed when using apparatus for games/PE, tools for Design Technology and Science equipment. It is hoped that the teachers common sense approach will be adopted by the pupils and a sense of responsibility be developed as the children get older.

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