We have 14 governors on our board with a wide variety of experience and 4 vacancies (foundation and LEA). We work closely together with the Head Teacher and to express the aims and policies of the school. No individual governor has any power unless delegated to him or her by the Governing Body as a whole. The chair person, however, has the power to answer letters, deal with emergencies and liaise with the Head Teacher without constant recourse to the full Board of Governors.

Our school is a Voluntary Aided School. This means Religious Education is given in our own Roman Catholic faith and that we are considered able to contribute 15% towards costs for external repairs. The Roman Catholic Church is our founding body and appoints the majority of governors.

All of our work and additional activities in school have been extremely well supported, and are only possible, thanks to the involvement of parents and Governors who have given endlessly of their time and energy. At the same time, your financial contributions are much appreciated and enable major building improvements to be planned by the governors. This is greatly appreciated thank you.

Our governing body operates a system of sub-committees, reporting in turn to the full Governing Body. Each sub-committee manages, supports and oversees different areas of school life at St Mary’s. To be effective, regular visits to the school take place, with opportunities to share training opportunities and link closely with different members of staff and their areas of responsibility

Category Name Appointed by Term of Office
Chairman –  community Cllr Paul Pavia Chepstow Town Council February 2020
Vice Chair – Foundation  Mr Vincent Hughes Archdiocese of Cardiff August 2020
Head teacher Mr Aleksander Szwagrzak
Foundation Mr John Dempsey Archdiocese of Cardiff May 2020
Foundation Archdiocese of Cardiff
Foundation Fr Michael St Clair Archdiocese of Cardiff February 2019
Foundation Mr Benjamin Smith Archdiocese of Cardiff November 2019
Foundation Mr Robert Cottrell Archdiocese of Cardiff October 2018
Foundation Mrs Geraldine Waite Archdiocese of Cardiff December 2017
Foundation Vacancy*2 Archdiocese of Cardiff  …
Staff (Teaching) Staff
Staff (Non Teaching) Mrs Natasha Duffield Staff February 2018
Parent Parents
Parent Mr Mark Humphreys Parents December 2020
LEA Cllr Mark Le Peltier Chepstow Town Council February 2020
LEA Vacancy*2
St Mary’s Governors Report to Parents 2015-2016


The chair of governors can be contacted in line with the school policies by letter sent to the school office or by email at