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Privacy Notice

St Mary’s (We) are a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act. We collect personal information to enable us to conduct our business appropriately and may receive information about our pupils and their family including from any previous school. We hold this personal data to:

  • Support pupils learning;
  • Monitor and report on their progress;
  • Provide appropriate pastoral care, and
  • Assess how well we are doing.

Information about our pupils and their  family that we hold includes their contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information and personal characteristics such as ethnic group, any special educational needs and relevant medical information.

We will not give information about the personal data we hold to anyone without personal consent unless the law and our policies allow us to.

We are required by law to pass some information about you to our Local Authority (LA) and the Department for Education.

We are required by law to pass some information about you to the Department for Education (DfE) and, in turn, this will be available for the use of the LA.

If you want to receive a copy of the information we hold about you or your child that we hold or share, please contact the school StMarysPrimary@monmouthshire.gov.uk.

If you need more information about how the LA and DfE store and use your information, then please go to the following websites:

http://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/schools or http://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/home/local-democracy-and-councillors/data-protection or


Further details on your information rights can also be found on the Information Commissions Office website https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/schools/pupils-info/

If you cannot access these websites, please contact the LA or DfE as follows:

Monmouthshire County Council
County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA

Phone: 01633 644644

Email: contact@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Fax: 01633 644666

Terms and Conditions

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Any external links on our website will have been initially checked so as to be be suitable for children, however they may contain advertising and links to other sites and pages that may not be suitable it is always recommended to follow child on line safety guidance. St Mary’s cannot be held responsible for the content of any external links and websites.