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Reception Newsletter SpringTerm 2017

Dear Parents/Annwyl Rhieni,

Happy New Year to all and welcome to the Spring Term. Last week our children were extremely excited to receive a parcel from the imaginary Professor Bogdan, from Romania. His gift of a rare and precious egg encouraged the children to consider animals that come from eggs and began our exciting theme of ‘Dragon tales’. We can’t wait to find out what’s inside the egg!

Area of Learning Activities
Language, Literacy and Communication



We will be using books and stories  about dragons and castles, kings and queens to stimulate the children’s interest and to provide reading, writing and oracy opportunities:

The children will continue to develop their recollection and correct formation of letters/sounds. Children will have lots of opportunities to develop their building of cvc (consonant/vowel/consonant) words as well as word building using the sounds they know. Through the Read Write Inc approach and in class literacy activities children will be having the opportunity to practise both gross and fine motor skills and letter formation. Please continue to support your child’s reading by making use of the books we send home.  In addition, to enhance children’s language skills within the setting we will be transforming our role play area into a magic shop to link with our topic.  Children will have opportunities to buy and sell items as well as write labels and price tags and dress up as characters from traditional stories involving kings, queens and mythical creatures. Any donations that will help us develop our role play area will be greatly appreciated e.g. wands, cloaks, hats, toy frogs, bats, interesting and magical objects.

Mathematical Development


We will be continuing to develop the children’s confidence in working with numbers from 1 – 10 (and above where appropriate) and consolidating their skills of ordering and counting. We will also be introducing the concepts of subtraction and addition. Children will experience lots of interesting activities to develop their recognition of both 2d and 3d shapes and recollection of their properties.
Personal & Social Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity


The children will continue PSWBCD sessions where they take part in activities which develop their skills of working with others and of good manners. We will consider how others have needs and the ways in which we can care for and help others as well as looking after ourselves. We will also be celebrating our own Welsh culture and heritage through tales, dancing, recipes and finding out about local castles.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World


The children will be learning about the wide variety of creatures that come from eggs and also recording the hatching process of the egg sent to us by Professor de Oeuf! We will be continuing using a variety of timelines to track our daily/monthly activities.  We will also be finding out about castles in our local area, what it may have been like to live in them and what sort of people lived in castles.  In addition to this, we will be taking part in the RSPB big bird watch, making bird cake and observing many birds that visit our school grounds.  Any donations of bird seed would be gratefully received as well as empty yoghurt pots, bottles etc to use as feeder moulds.  Please, NO NUTS.
Creative Development


The children will continue to develop their music skills through their use of percussion and through whole school singing sessions.  Violin lessons, with music specialist Mr Stone, will continue throughout the term. Children will learn about sculpture and will be creating both large and small figures using and clay/play dough.  We will also be making model castles and artefacts used by people who lived long ago
Physical Development


The children enjoy a wide variety of activities in Reception that help to develop both their gross and fine motor skills, through activities such as the use of larger play equipment outside and Funky finger gym inside. The children will take part in traditional Welsh dancing linked to our work on size and shape in Mathematical Development.
Welsh Language Development


The children will continue to learn Welsh phrases and vocabulary through the adventures of Fflic and Fflac. Some of the Welsh phrases we will be learning will be: Pa siâp (Which shape?), Pa liw (Which colour?), Mawr a bach (Big and little), Beth yw e? (What is it?). Parents and carers can also improve their Welsh skills alongside their children by practising the phrase of the week which is on our weekly parent mail/newsletter. Children will also learn about Welsh heritage and local castles as well as traditional tales and songs for our eisteddfod to celebrate St David’s day.
Religious Education


 The Spring term is a busy time of year for festivals and we will be finding out more about Epiphany, Shrove Tuesday, Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter. We will also be learning about our local church and community, as well as how and why people gather together and the joy of gathering together to celebrate mass.

Your Reception Team

Mrs A Appleby Mrs A Robbins Mrs L P.B.J