Year 1 Info

Year 1 Newsletter Spring Term 2017

Dear Parents/Annwyl Rhieni

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i ti! Happy New Year to you!

Here is an outline of what we will be doing in Year 1 this term:

Area of Learning Activities

Language, Literacy and Communication


 The children will continue to be taught in groups for Read, Write inc phonics lessons for three days of each week – Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays we will concentrate on developing writing skills through a variety of text types – stories, poems, letters, instructions and recounts. We will also be practising our letter formation and letter joins in handwriting sessions.
Mathematical Development


These are some of the different areas of maths we will cover during the Spring:

  • Counting up to 100, forwards and backwards from different starting points.
  • Counting in 5s and 10s.
  • Reading and writing numbers to 20 and beyond.
  • Partitioning numbers eg. knowing that 15 is 10 + 5
  • Recalling number facts anchoring on 10 eg. 10+1, 10+2, 10+3 etc
  • Using counting on strategies to add 2 collections, starting with the larger number.
  • Using counting back to mentally solve problems within 10.
  • Using known facts to solve simple problems within 10.

As well as number based lessons, the children will also be taught about length and weight this term.

Personal & Social Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity


Through our context for learning children will develop the following skills:

  • To form relationships and feel confident to play and work cooperatively.
  • To value friends and families and show care and consideration.
  • To appreciate what makes a good friend.
  • To develop a positive self-image and a sense of belonging as part of different communities and have an understanding of their own Welsh identity.
  • To understand the relationship between feelings and actions and that other people also have feelings.
  • To demonstrate care, respect and affection for other children, adults and their environment.

To develop a growing interest in the world around them and understand what their environment has to offer when playing alone and with others.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Our new topic this term is called “Dragon Tales” and will have a particular focus on Welsh culture. We will be having a castle role play area which the children are very excited about! Any donations of dressing up clothes (eg. knight, dragon or princess costumes) would be most welcome! We will be finding out about castles in our local area and the different people who lived in them. The children will learn about the life of a knight and find out about the Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr.
Creative Development


We will be doing lots of creative things this term including creating pictures of castles in the style of Paul Klee and making mosaic shields. In our day to day activities, the children will have access to the creative and making areas of the classroom and will be asked to complete various challenges. The children will also have a weekly Samba percussion lesson each week this term.
Physical Development


The children will be having a scheduled PE session once a week on a Tuesday afternoon this term. We will be practising gymnastic activities and will also learn some Welsh dances. Other physical development activities will run throughout the week when they will use outdoor equipment. Please ensure your child’s kit is in school and clearly labelled.
Welsh Language Development


We will revise language patterns taught last term and introduce some new patterns which include learning about how to describe the weather and what clothes we are wearing. We will also be thinking about our school Eisteddfod in March and deciding what to perform!
Religious Education


Themes covered this term will be:

Special People
Explore – There are special people in our lives who are there to help.
Reveal – On Sunday in church, we meet people who do special jobs as we gather to celebrate the Good News of Jesus.
Explore – Families and groups share special meals.
Reveal – Mass as Jesus’ special meal.
Explore- We change and grow.
Reveal – Lent as a time to change in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

 Reading and Homework
Reading folders are sent home on a Friday and should be returned on the following Wednesday. Each child will be given a reading scheme book and a library book that they have selected themselves. It is really important for the children to develop a love of reading so please continue to encourage this. Reading to your child as well as with them are perfect ways to do this.

A new homework project for this term on our theme “Dragon Tales” will be sent home within the coming weeks.

I look forward to working with you again this term,

Yours sincerely,

Miss N. Way (Year 1 Class Teacher)