Year 2 Info

Year 2 Newsletter Spring Term 2017

Dear Parents/Annwyl Rhieni

Area of Learning Activities

Language, Literacy and Communication


The children will be taught in groups for Read, Write Inc phonics lessons for three days of each week – Monday to Wednesday. Regular assessments will take place every 6 weeks by our RWInc co-ordinator, Mrs Bennett-Coleman. Those children who have completed the RWInc phonic scheme will access RWInc Language and Literacy in class with myself, aiming to create enthusiastic readers, passionate writers and articulate speakers.

On Thursdays and Fridays we will concentrate on developing writing skills through a variety of text types – stories, poems, letters, instructions and recounts. We will also be practising our letter formation and letter joins in handwriting sessions.

Skills for writing
·         Use capital letters and full stops consistently;
·         Form lower and upper case letters accurately;
·         Spell high frequency and polysyllabic words;

Sequence and construct content correctly, extending their writing.

Mathematical Development


These are the different areas of maths we will cover during the Spring:


  • Read, write and order numbers within 1000,
  • Add and subtract multiples of 10,
  • Recall multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables,
  • Add and subtract two digit numbers by partitioning
  • Use partitioning strategies to halve and double two digit numbers,
  • Find a small difference by counting on.

Topic Maths

  • Solve money and ‘real life’ word problems,
  • Find totals of money and give change,
  • Read time to the nearest 5 minutes on analogue and digital clocks,
  • Create pictograms and block graphs,
    Estimate and measure objects in kilograms,
  • Read temperatures using thermometers.
Personal & Social Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity


Throughout the spring term children will be taught the following skills:

  • Develop understanding about dangers in the home and in our locality,
  • Understand and recognise changes that happen to their bodies as they exercise and describe these changes.
  • Communicate and reflect on discussions made in stories or personally,
  • Express feelings and ideas creatively, explaining why they are significant,
  • Develop a positive self-image and sense of belonging as part of different communities and have an understanding of their own identity,

Begin to question stereotyping,

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Our topic this spring term is Dragon Tales.

Dragon Tales

In this project the children will learn:

  • Significant castles in Wales and those in their own locality,
  • Daily life in Wales now and then,
  • Aspects of Welsh heritage including stories, events and tradition,
  • Inspirational Welsh celebrities, such as the artist Kyffin Williams,
  • Retelling traditional fictional tales,
  • Exploring maps and Welsh landmarks,
  • Facts about St David’s Day and national festivals,

Foundation Phase children will also be attending a trip to St. Fagan’s on Thursday 16th March 2017 to learn more about Welsh history.

Creative Development


There will be lots of opportunities to develop creative skills this term, each week a create development challenge is set up in the enhanced provision for all children to access. The children will be making cards for different occasions, creating self-portraits, researching and experimenting with the techniques of Welsh artists. The children will also be involved in the planning, designing, reflecting and making of a 3D dragons and dens.  We offer the children as many different creative experiences as possible- both working with an adult and working independently.

Children will have fortnightly music lessons where they will sing a variety of songs with others and play simple rhythmic and melodic patterns on a variety of instruments.

Physical Development


 The children will be having a scheduled PE session once a week on a Friday afternoon. Other physical development activities will run throughout the week when use of outdoor equipment will be made. Please ensure your child’s kit is in school and clearly labelled. PE kits will be sent home on a half termly basis. We operate a free-flow approach to using the outdoor classroom, where a range of bikes and trikes are available daily. The children can access their own water throughout the day and will bring it home each night.
Welsh Language Development


 This term the children will be introduced to new language patterns including;
Beth wyt ti’n hoffi wneud? What do you like to do?
Dw i’n hoffi… I like …
Dw i ddim yn hoffi… I don’t like and
Wyt ti’n hoffi…? Do you like… ?
Ydw / Nagw Yes, I do / No, I don’t.  
Ble rwyt ti’n mynd? Where are you going?
Dw i’n mynd … I am going …

The children will take part in a variety of oracy, reading and writing activities within Welsh lessons as well as learning welsh songs and poems in preparation for our Eisteddfod held on March 1st 2017.

Religious Education


Themes covered this term will be:

Explore – Different books used at home and in school.
Reveal – The books used in Church on Sunday by the Parish family.

Explore – Different ways to say thank you.
Reveal –The Eucharist: the Parish family thanks God for Jesus.

Explore – Each day offers opportunities for good.
Reveal – Lent, the opportunity to turn towards what is good in preparation for Easter.

Year 2 class assembly will take place on Thursday 30th March 2017.

I hope the information I provided will enable you to share in your child’s learning and will help you to support and encourage your child in a variety of ways. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

A homework project will be sent out this term around our topic ‘Dragon Tales’. The project should be returned the week beginning Monday 3rd April and the children will be asked to share their work with the class.

Miss K. Rogers (Year 2 Class Teacher)