Year 3 Info

Year 3 Newsletter Spring Term 2017

Dear parents / guardians,

Annwyl rhieni / gwarcheidwaid,

Firstly, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Happy New Year!

This letter will hopefully inform you of the various curriculum elements your child will be covering over the next term.


In the first half term, our main topic is entitled, ‘Flight engineers.’ This topic has a science focus and looks at the science behind flight and the process of inventors designing new devices. Children will research various inventors and discover what inventions they are famous for, while also considering the benefits and disadvantages of new technology. The class will delve into understanding how simple mechanisms work, write instructions and develop their observational skills through art. Analysis of data will link with our maths. Literacy will focus on instructions but we will also read the Iron Man and examine the context of how new technology can be viewed.

The second topic is entitled ‘Sensoria’ which again has a science focus but this time the topic focuses on our senses and how our senses over time have contributed to the writing of poetry, music, dance and many other arts, with the class having opportunities to produce their own art and music. We will again examine how inventors have designed new inventions but this time we will consider inventions that were influenced by our senses or inventions that utilise our senses.


We will continue to predominately work on our number ability, attempting to link our learning with our topic when possible. We will also cover data handling and shape, space and measure. Those pupils that need additional support may be taken out of class for additional learning opportunities.


Our literacy scheme will once again support the children but our topics will allow the class to gain additional learning opportunities. As the information above has already mentioned we will look at instructional writing in the first topic, while in the second topic poetry writing especially, performance poems and calligrams provide the main focus.


The main themes in science will be the ‘Sustainable Earth’’ and the secondly ‘Play with Physics.’ Firstly we look at the properties of materials and their related uses. Then the children will discover different kinds of forces, the way forces can affect movement, how different sounds are produced and how light travels and can be used.


In Religion we will be covering 3 topics, as well as having a week learning aspects of another faith.

The first topic is Journeys– in this topic, the children will learn, know and understand a journey through a year and explore the Christian family’s journey with Jesus through the Church’s year.

The second topic is ‘Listening and Sharing’ – children learn about and understand, listening and sharing with one another and explore listening to the Word of God and sharing in Holy Communion.

Finally, ‘Choices’– this topic explores the fact that choices have consequences and explores the importance of conscience in making choices.


In PE the children will be developing their gymnastic skills, while also playing a variety of mini games to develop attacking, invasion team games.

Other information

If the children have any books or materials relating to any of our topics for the term, they are welcome to bring them in to school to support their learning.

If you require clarification of any of the above please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

Finally…as I outlined in last term’s curriculum newsletter, please remember our school operates an open door policy to our families. If you have any concerns regarding your child or children, please feel free to contact the school for a meeting with me or alternatively ask me at the end of the day when it may be possible to meet. I would always rather talk to parents; at an early stage, about any concerns they may have rather than leave it until an issue arises. Your child’s education works best when we work as a partnership.

Thank you for your support.

Mr  Evans