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 Year 4 Newsletter Spring Term 2017


Happy New Year – Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

I hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas. Here is an outline of what we will be learning about in Year 4 this Spring term.


In literacy over the next term, the children will explore different forms of fiction and non-fiction texts. They will explore the effects of poetry as well as perform and write their own poems. When studying journalistic recounts the children will develop their understanding of both personal recounts and newspaper articles. Later in the term the children will study different narrative verses and write their own story and will then dissect and evaluate a range of explanation texts. As a class, we will continue to enjoy another class book together and each week, the pupils will be encouraged to read books within sessions and share their personal opinions through paired, group and class discussions.



IMG_2024The children will cover many numeracy objectives this term. We are currently working on fractions of amounts and this will lead on to finding decimal equivalents of fractions. The pupils have begun to learn a variety of multiplication and division methods so it is important that they continue to work on learning their times tables at home with your support if possible. It would also be useful for the pupils to begin wearing a watch, if they are not already doing so, as they be learning to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks and answer reasoning questions about time.



In science this term we will begin by studying sound and light which links with our new topic “Sensoria”. We will also be covering the topic “Third Rock from the Sun” which allows up to??? study living and non-living things on our planet. We will also have the chance to identify various materials and experiment with different rocks and soil.



IMG_2022The pupils are continuing to build up language patterns and they will begin this term by instructing someone to do something in Welsh. They will then go on to read a Welsh book aloud and show understanding of the text in group discussions. They will also have the chance to create an “Attenborough” style video of our forest school. Later in the term the children will combine Welsh and ICT as they read and write in the form of Welsh emails.



Our topic this term is “Sensoria”. This topic has a science focus and teaches children about light and sound and how both travel. At the heart of this project, we will learn how to write poems on the theme of light and sound and gain additional skills in scientific recording and explanation writing.  In this topic the children will apply skills learned during numeracy and literacy lessons as well as learn skills in other curriculum areas such as ICT, geography, history, music and art and design.



pePE lessons will usually take place on a Tuesday and Thursday, however this may vary in some weeks, so please ensure PE kits are in school at all times. As a reminder, long hair must be tied back and earrings removed in all PE lessons.



As last term, homework tasks will be set every Friday and will vary each week. Both homework and reading folders should be brought into school each Wednesday as usual please.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to make an appointment to speak with me. I am always happy to answer any queries you might have. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,


Miss R. Reece

Year 4 Teacher