Year 5 Info

Year 5 Newsletter Spring Term 2017

Dear parents,


I hope you have all had a joyful and peaceful Christmas. Below I have outlined the plans for the spring term in Year 5. I have included as much detail as I can at this time, however as we get closer to some events I will contact you with more detail. I hope you find the information below helpful and please don’t hesitate to check details with me in person or send a note into school.

Yours sincerely.

Miss Williams


Literacy: This term, children will undertake written and oral work in both fiction and non-literacyfiction genres including:

  • Myths,
  • fairy tales,
  • instructions,
  • biographical and auto biographical.

Children will have continued opportunity to utilise the skills they develop in Literacy across the curriculum.


Maths: Children will continue to develop their maths skills across all aspects of mathsy5mathematics including:

  • Number
  • Shape, space and data
  • Data handling

There will be an increased focus on reasoning skills and developing ability and confidence to succeed during testing in preparation for National test in May.


Science: This term Children will learn about Energy, Light and Sound. Children will inventscience-yr5 their own investigations to test how different materials absorb sound. Children will explore how light travels and turn their hand to painting with light using photography. Finally, children will look at sources of energy both renewable and non-renewable.



Welsh: Children will continue to practise speaking in third person and develop their skills of writing in third person by recounting a trip. The upcoming trip to the National Museum will provide the subject for written work.


Religious Education: Firstly, children will learn about the Local Church. They will identify how the Christian family is made up of smaller families. Children will become familiar re-yr5with the Archdiocese of Cardiff and the work of Archbishop George Stack carrying out Jesus’ mission.

Secondly, children will explore the meaning of the Eucharist, understanding that it is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice.

Finally, as the Church enters the season of Lent and Easter children will explore the difference between giving and giving up. Lent is the season when Christians practise both giving and giving-up, to identify with the complete self-offering of Jesus which is remembered in the liturgy of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil).


topic-yr5Topics:. The first topic is called Gallery. Children will visit a Gallery and Museum. From this visit, children will explore what it takes to set up a gallery and finally putting their ideas to the test when setting up their own gallery in school.topic2-yr5

The second topic is called Bend and Flow. Children will locate and research rivers in Wales and major rivers around the world. Children will investigate how the water cycle works and build a case to debate building on floodplains.

peyr5PE: This term children will be build their teamwork skills by playing team games such as football, rugby, ultimate frisbee and frisbee golf. Children will set personal goals when recording their achievements in circuits and looking at the effects of this type of exercise.

Children will also start swimming this term.


Music: Children will continue to receive weekly instruction frommusic yr5.png

Mr McKeon for the Penny whistle and other folk musical instruments. This was extremely successful last term and the children are thoroughly enjoying their music lessons which they look forward to on a weekly basis.  We hope to provide many more opportunities for you to come and listen the them play.




********DATES FOR YOUR DIARY ********


Class assembly: Thursday 2nd March

Trip to National Museum, Cardiff: 17th February

Hilston Park: 9th-12th May