Year 6 Info

Year 6 Newsletter Spring 2017

Dear Parents of Years 6,

yr6I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Pupils completed excellent homework on WW11 Anderson shelters in the holidays. Thank you as always for supporting your children in their learning. Please see below to see what other activities and opportunities await the pupils of Year Six for the coming term.

NUMERACY: Year Six will be building on existing knowledge and extending number worknumeracy-yr6 by applying this to real life situations. We’ve started using algebra and applying our facts about numbers to other problem solving situations. Pupils are beginning to be confident with bar charts and line graphs so we will be exploring how to draw pie charts and understand degrees and using protractors to do so. During class, calculators will be used in readiness for secondary school.

LITERACY: During this term pupils will be reading and writing poetry as well as comparing and collecting poetry for a poetry corner that they will design. We will be completing a poetry project based on a topic to do with a very famous poem (but I don’t want to spoil the fun and tell you which one!). In conjunction with this poem pupils will be engaging in some argumentative speaking and writing. Debating will allow your child ways to improve their oracy and listen to one another effectively. Later in the term pupils will be attempting writing stories with flashbacks and looking at the role and purpose of biographies.  Year Six don’t know yet but they will even be writing their own assembly this term.


This half term pupils are learning about the function and purpose of a ‘GALLERY’ andtopic-yr6 actively making their own gallery at school. This will cover many Literacy and Numeracy skills which will be enhanced by two days of visiting two very different museums. Firstly we aim to walk down to Chepstow museum and after that travel to Cardiff Museum. During this topic pupils will be discovering why and how a gallery is arranged, what the role of a curator is and how a museum/gallery stays financially viable.

topic2-yr6In the second half term our topic is called ‘BEND AND FLOW’ and will ask pupils to research rivers of the World and learn about how they are formed. Many opportunities to study water, soil types, flooding and the water cycle will all come together so pupils can produce a plan for a flood proof house of the future.


Pupils are currently writing and speaking in past tense prose. They have been building up language patterns which are going to help them write and account of their Christmas holidays.   Moving forward people will be reading about a local welsh character ‘Harri Morgan’ from Tredegar House and then writing about him in third person prose.


science-yr6We are currently finishing off some ‘electricity’ experiments in class. Soon we will be looking at how light and sound work. Then, to tie in with or ‘Bend and Flow’ topic we will be looking more closely at ‘forces’.


Other useful pieces of information:

  •       SPORTS: Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
  •       Tuesday pm and Friday pm: Mrs Szwagrzak will be teaching Year Six.
  •       Class Assembly: 9th February
  •       FUNDRAISING: ‘Sweet treats for your sweethearts’ Year Six Cake Sale.
  •       TRIP: Chepstow Museum – tbc
  •       TRIP: Cardiff Museum and Gallery – 17th February Early Start 8.45am!


class-of-the-weekWe are all very proud of winning ‘class of the week’ for the best attendance three times already this year and we are very ambitious to do it again!


Thank you as always for your support of the school and myself. The countdown is on and your child’s time with us is nearly over, please ensure if there is ever anything we can do to assist in making this a memorable and positive time here at St. Mary’s never hesitate to get in touch.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Smith