Your Child’s Health and Safety

Everyone feels a little under the weather from time to time and, while we want children at school for as many days of the year as possible, there are sometimes when children feel unwell.

Here is some Health Protection Agency advice and guidance about common childhood illnesses and conditions which may affect your child that we use when we need guidance on time away from school due to medical conditions and illnesses.

Please note that headlice are quite common in children and there is no need for your child to miss school. We ask that on discovering headlice, you treat your child as soon as possible and try to keep any long hair tied up to avoid re-infection.

NHS Summer Health (external link)

HPA health advice (external link)

headlice fact sheet (external link)

Handwashing guide

 nspcc – helping to keep children safe online (external link)

The Department for Transport’s road safety resources (external link)

The SAFE code to keep SAFE near water (external link) (external link)

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